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Magners Forbidden Flavours

We were delighted to organise and manage an EXCLUSIVE event for Magners Flavours.  The ‘Forbidden’ theme of Magners Flavours was brought to life through the Seven Sins on one special night in Ollie’s.   Lucky consumers won their place at the event through promotions and competitions on social media channels.  

Magners Forbidden Flavours

To help Magners Cider launch their 2 new exciting flavours to the trade, we’ve created a unique sampling event for selected pubs and clubs throughout Northern Ireland.  As we all know Magners is synonymous with the over ice serve….

Magners knows their Apples!

Magners Cider has recently launched a new advertising campaign which focuses on the precision craft and TIME it takes to make that perfect cider.  And speaking of time, we’ve created a series of in-bar promotions to give consumers the chance to win an Apple Watch EVERY day!